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The Milford Hall Of Fame is an ideal volunteer organization for many people that can fit into their busy lifestyles with no big time commitment.
Meetings are short. The highly knowledgeable members of Milford’s historical community welcome contributions from others that can become the future leaders of the group. The distinguished civic leaders involved work to keep things non-political. No heavy lifting or dues, and the results of our work is highly visible to the public.
The Milford Hall Of Fame’s next meeting is Wednesday August 16 at 3:00 at the meeting room next to the Education offices entrance in the Thomas Parsons building.

2017 inductees

5 new inductees were chosen at the June meeting of the Milford Hall Of Fame commitee.
This year 2 women, a mayor and the owners of a business have been accepted to represent Milford.
Portraits and articles are ready with speakers being lined up to praise these shining examples of Milford were presented in July.
The 2017 class are Harrison & Gould, Joseph Roswell Hawley, Katherine Pollard, Frederick Lisman and Nanine L. Pond.

The induction ceremony to unveil the plaques will be 5:00 September 20 at the Parsons building.

Jepson and Kozlowski

Alan Jepson & Ed Kozlowski

The Milford Hall of Fame remembers two Mayors and our friends

Alan Jepson and Edward Kozlowski

Milford Hall of Fame Website

colonial with laptop

The Milford Hall Of Fame is launching a user friendly website for to promote the accomplishments of the individuals that have made an impact both within and beyond the city of Milford.

Much has happened since Milford was founded in 1639, less than 200 years after the end of the Middle Ages while Galileo was still alive.

Many people from Milford have made an impact including some possible future candidates for the Hall of Fame involved noted for their involvement in the early development of computers which is how people today get their information instead of from the Town Cryer.

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