Jonathan Law

Governor of the Colony of Connecticut, 1741-1750

Born in Milford, Connecticut on August 6, 1674 [possibly 1672], Jonathan Law (Jr.) was the only son of Jonathan Law of Milford and Sarah Clark, born February 18, 1644 daughter of Milford founder, Deacon George Clark. His grandfather, Richard Law was an early settler of Wethersfield and Stamford.

*As a young man he briefly served as a minister before attending Harvard.
*He graduated from Harvard in 1695 and worked as a lawyer.
*In 1698 he established his law office in Milford.
*In May 1709, Law became a Justice of the Peace and of the Quorum for New Haven County,
Later being named Judge of the County Court of New Haven County and Assistant Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court.
*He was elected Deputy to the Connecticut General Assembly in 1706 and served several terms until 1717.
*In that year he was chosen an Assistant, service as such, with the exception of one year, until 1724.
* In October 1724, he became Deputy Governor and in May 1725 Chief Judge of the Superior Court. He held these latter two offices at the same time, which was possible under the government of that era.
*At age 67 in October 1741, following the death of Governor Joseph Talcott, he became 27th Governor of the Colony of Connecticut, an office he held until his death in 1750.