The Milford Hall Of Fame

Milford Hall of Fame

The Milford Hall Of Fame honors 5 noteable people from Milford each year at a ceremony at the Parsons Government Building. The many accomplished residents of the commitee include historians, former mayors and other legislators.

After a series of discussions and meetings, the Milford Hall of Fame committee came into being in 2007, with a plan to "induct" its first class of all fame "Honorees" the following year.

On November 19, 2008 and led by founding chair, Jerry Patton, and our mayors, the first Milford Hall of Fame "class" was honored at a ceremony at the Thomas A. Parson’s complex.

In 2009, the Milford Hall Of Fame Committee voted to move up its annual induction ceremony to September.

In 2014 industries were added and in 2017, the Milford Hall of Fame further expanded eligibility by including a long-time business.