I had rather die broke because I had been spending my money in doing worthwhile things than sitting around cutting coupons.
Simon Lake - submarine builder
We are just beginning to ask one another how we may preserve the little that remains, for ourselves and our children
George "Bird" Grinnell - conservationist
People sometimes say they pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps.
There is usually a helping hand, but it's much more dramatic to say you did it alone.
Joseph Foran - educator
I had the canopy of heaven for my hospital and the ground for my hammock, having no other friend present but the sun to smile upon me.
Joseph Plumb Martin - Revolutionary war diarist
If you live long enough you’ll automatically get recognition.
Helen Langner - early child psychiatrist
If you don’t keep up with the trend of the times and if you let up on your work, someone else will step in and take your place.
Sylvester Poli - theater magnate
I quit this foolishness about retiring, went back to work, lost all my money, and have been quite happy
Simon Lake - submarine builder
To me, medicine is the most interesting thing in the world.
Helen Langner - early child psychiatrist
Voted, That the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof.
Voted, That the earth is given to the saints.
Voted, That we are the saints
Revrand Peter Prudden's 1640 prayer
We are a cheerful people, and we refuse to believe what we do not want to believe.
Simon Lake - submarine builder
I try to cultivate the young, making up for the losses I have had.
Helen Langner - early child psychiatrist
War consists almost entirely of killing and destruction.
Simon Lake - submarine builder
If you remember that there is a distinct difference between who a a person IS and how he or she PERFORMS at a job, you will get along
Joseph Foran - educator
There is always more to do than you can do.
Helen Langner - early child psychiatrist
Andrew Law

Select Harmony was a revolutionary advance over the tune books of the time. It contained tunes and lyrics together in the same book. Typically tune books, as the name suggests, contained tunes only. A collection of Hymns only had text. Law's other books, including his copyrighted work, sometimes followed the more traditional approach.
Several updated editions of Select Harmony were produced in 1779, 1782 and 1812 and more books were produced as well including: Collection of Best Tunes and Anthems (1779); then, perhaps his most impressive work, the instructional Art of Singing (1780) a graded trio of books for beginners (Primer) moderate (Christian Harmony) and advanced choirs and musical societies (The Musical Magazine) then Rudiments of Music (1785) and later in life Essays on Music (1814).
Select Harmony was introduced at a time when America's first music educators were seeking viable approaches to the teaching of sight-singing, Andrew Law was a pioneer of the FASOLA system of musical notation which simplified lessons in reading music. FASOLA singing is also known as "Shape Note Singing," where Squares, ovals triangles and other symbols are used to denote easy to read musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, etc..
Andrew Law was less a musical innovator or composer than an editor, organizer and propagator of music to the general public. He was influenced a great deal by works of other Yankees. James Lyons' Urania, appearing in 1761, was found among the possessions of Andrew Law.